LongReach Bale (LPB18-7946)

APW Classification
Dual Purpose Wheat Dual Purpose Wheat
LRPB Bale is the Awnless wheat offering flexibility for hay or grain production with a Slow Spring maturity to add diversity on farm in higher frost risk areas.

LRPB Bale was developed from pre-breeding germplasm produced by CSIRO in a Scout background that was distributed to breeding programs Dr Greg Rebetzke. The objective was to provide growers with real options for managing frost risk zones by ensuring different harvest strategies could be deployed in Spring as required. Dual purpose wheats need adequate grain yield and quality, suitable hay yield and quality and to be awnless to be accepted by many hay markets. The Mid North High Rainfall Zone research effort led by Agrilink’s Mick Faulkner has identified the most promising selections for dual purpose Hay/Grain development from these novel Awnless wheats.

Stem RustMS
Leaf RustMS-S
Stripe Rust EastMS
Septoria triticiS
Yellow SpotS-VS
Black PointS
Boron toleranceMT
Acid soil toleranceMT-T
Coleoptile lengthLong
Farmer to Farmer TradeAllowed
EPR Rate/MT (ex GST)$3.50

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