LongReach Stealth (LPB15-2757)

APH Classification
Stealth is the latest APH release from the LongReach breeding program.

Stealth’s high and stable yield combines with an excellent agronomic package and slow-spring maturity making it ideal for the April to early May plant.  Excellent Crown Rot resistance sets stealth a class above many APH wheat in the market.

Stem RustR
Leaf RustRMR/S
Stripe Rust EastRMR
Septoria triticiMS
Prat. Thornei – ResistanceS
Prat. Thornei – ToleranceMTMI
Crown RotMRMSp
Yellow SpotMS
Prat. Neglectis – ResistanceMS
Prat. Neglectis – ToleranceMI
Black PointMRMSp
Farmer to Farmer TradeNot Allowed
EPR Rate/MT (ex GST)$4.25

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