LongReach Nighthawk (LPB14-0392)

AH Classification
LRPB Nighthawk is a very unique maturity type allowing growers to sow earlier in areas that don’t suit Long Season Red Wheat and Winter Wheat types. Nighthawk is a slow maturing wheat with unique maturity holds, allowing planting in areas not suited to traditional winter wheats.

In the South East Zone, Nighthawk offers growers an AH classification, a high tiller number and semi prostrate early growth habit, which may aid as part of an IWM solution.  Nighthawk is medium tall in height, with good standability in high production situations.

In the Southern and Western Zone, Nighthawk offers growers an APW classification and an “April Option” that opens the seeding window earlier in main season environments to capitalise on early break years. Nighthawk has shown in SA/Vic that it is best adapted to the Mid April seeding times.

ClassificationAH (SNSW), APW (SA, VIC & WA)
Stem RustRMR
Leaf RustMSS
Stripe Rust EastMR
Septoria triticiMSS
Prat. Thornei – ResistanceMS
Prat. Thornei – ToleranceI
Crown RotMSS
Yellow SpotMRMS
Prat. Neglectis – ResistanceMSS
Prat. Neglectis – ToleranceIVI
Black PointMS
Farmer to Farmer TradeAllowed
EPR Rate/MT (ex GST)$4.25

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