LongReach Kittyhawk (LPB11-0140)

APH Classification
Kittyhawk is the high yielding dual-purpose winter wheat with a premium APH classification in NSW and QLD.

Kittyhawk is a long season variety with three winter genes, making it suited to early planting. The variety provides high potential while also offering a solid grain package including a significant test weight improvement over Wedgetail. Kittyhawk provides and improved disease package over Wedgetail, particularly for Stripe Rust, Stem Rust and Leaf Rust.

ClassificationAPH (NSW/QLD), AH (SA/VIC/WA)
Stem RustMRMS(S)
Leaf RustMRMS
Stripe Rust EastRMR
Septoria triticiMRMS
Prat. Thornei – ResistanceS
Prat. Thornei – ToleranceI
Crown RotSVS
Yellow SpotMRMS
Prat. Neglectis – ResistanceS
Prat. Neglectis – ToleranceMTMI
Black PointMRMS
Farmer to Farmer TradeAllowed
EPR Rate/MT (ex GST)$4.25

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