LongReach Havoc (LPB13-1995)

AH Classification
Get it in, get it up, get it off with Havoc, the quick maturity, main season wheat.

Havoc has a quick maturity for main season planting like Corack and Mace, with shorter canopy for crop and stubble management. It has been upgraded to Premium Hard AH (N) classification and is suitable for noodle blending segregations in WA. Havoc offers Premium Hard AH (N) classification in a robust agronomic, quick maturing package.

ClassificationAH (N)
Stem RustS
Leaf RustS
Stripe Rust YrWAMR
Stripe Rust Yr17+27+MR
Septoria tritici WAMRMS
Nodorum blotch (leaf)MS
Crown RotMSS
Yellow SpotMRMS
Powdery MildewMS
Black PointMS
Farmer to Farmer TradeAllowed
EPR Rate/MT (ex GST)$4.00

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