LongReach Avenger (LPB16-6150)

APW Classification
LRPB Avenger is battle ready, offering tough yield and excellent grain receivals package to back it up.

LRPB Avenger is able to hold up to the hard quick finishes, typical of most WA seasons, with an excellent grain receival package. Best suited to the real tough and marginal yielding areas of the far north and eastern corridor of Western Australia.

Stem RustMS
Leaf RustS
Stripe Rust East YrWAMRMS
Septoria tritici WAS
Prat. Thornei – Resistance
Prat. Thornei – ToleranceMI
Crown RotSp
Yellow SpotMS
Prat. Neglectis – ResistanceMSS
Prat. Neglectis – Tolerance
Black PointMS
Farmer to Farmer TradeAllowed
EPR Rate/MT (ex GST)$4.00
Value 1Answer 1

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