LongReach Arrow (LPB11-1728)

AH Classification
A high yielding medium season maturity well suited to Victoria and South Australia.

Short canopy for easier management is the standout feature. Good yield with stability for good and bad years similar to Mace and good grain package with low screenings. Mid maturity that is 3-4 days later than Mace (between Mace and Trojan). Good YLS (MRMS) for rotation flexibility.

Stem RustS
Leaf RustSVS
Stripe Rust EastSVS
Septoria triticiS
Prat. Thornei – ResistanceMS
Prat. Thornei – ToleranceMI
Crown RotMSS
Yellow SpotMRMS
Prat. Neglectis – ResistanceMRMS
Prat. Neglectis – ToleranceMTMI
Black PointMS
Farmer to Farmer TradeAllowed
EPR Rate/MT (ex GST)$3.00

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