Evolving to meet the needs of Australian growers

LongReach Plant Breeders utilise the latest technology to ensure that its varieties are well adapted with robust quality and high yielding.
National reach

National reach

LongReach isn’t encumbered by the cumbersome and slow processes of traditional plant breeding systems, and is designed to react to the constantly evolving challenges that growers face.

And with breeding and evaluation sites operating across the country and involvement in various R&D projects, including the GRDC-funded National Variety programs, LongReach’s national presence is firmly established.

In fact, its evaluation environments range from the light, deep sandy soils of WA and the alkaline soils of SA, to the red-brown earth around southern New South Wales and northern Victoria, as well as the well-structured, high-fertility soils of northern New South Wales and Queensland.

LongReach is also the largest private investor in agronomic and R&D contract services in Australia, most of which are based in rural and regional Australia.

Agile and unique operations

Agile and unique operations

Longreach doesn’t own or operate its own research stations or laboratories, but has ready access to facilities and services across Australia and around the world. It contracts the services it requires from the best local and international service providers, and conducts field trials on commercial farms to ensure its varieties are evaluated under relevant conditions and best farming practices.

This model keeps operating, capital and infrastructure costs down, enabling LongReach to focus on the rapid development and release of its varieties.

“Armed with the latest tech and a pioneering spirit, LongReach Plant Breeders are poised to take Australian wheat to the next level.”

Bred for success

Consistent field performance with high strike rates for grain receival specifications, and sought-after quality attributes for millers and end-users.

But this quality isn’t at the expense of speed. LongReach is able to meet growers’ demands as they emerge across all major regions, with each variety’s performance evaluated every season across all environments.
LongReach also incorporates an intensive disease resistance screening under contract by reputable external agencies.

And, to assist variety development, LongReach’s breeding program access germplasm from the Syngenta programs and other private and public research facilities around the world.

New Technologies

New Technologies

LongReach is at the cutting edge of deploying new technologies to reduce the length of breeding cycles and to increase genetic gain. The breeding program combine genetics, phenotypic- and environmental data, statistics and artificial intelligence to make accurate selections.

Genomic selection has been implemented in collaboration with Diversity Array Technologies, Intertek and the University of Queensland. 18 million datapoints has been generated during the previous season.

The deployment of drone technology has significantly improved selection accuracy.